DeBogy Story

behind the scenes

When Surfaces Come to Life

The DeBogy Molecular story was built on long-lasting bonds, friendship, and family with one common goal: disrupting the mainstream antibacterial coating market. 

Dr. Houssam Bouloussa and Dr. Emmanuel Gibon were both born in France in the mid 80s and grew up in Bordeaux and Normandy, respectively. They followed a similar career without knowing each other until they met during residency in Paris. 

During their training, both of them spent several months in the US. This is when they fell in love with the country, its work ethics and endless opportunities. They immediately understood it was probably the only place on Earth where you can dream big, work hard and eventually make it happen. 

After finishing their orthopaedic surgery training, they decided to move to the US with the hope to establish an academic practice and find unparalleled solutions to eradicate implant-related infections, which is one of our patients’ nightmares. 

Dr. Othman Bouloussa, a genius chemist, has been closely working with Dr. Houssam Bouloussa on surface modifications to render biomaterials permanently sterile by killing bacteria on contact. Despite numerous logistical and scientific challenges in Europe, they eventually achieved a perfect balance of biocompatibility and antibacterial activity on titanium surfaces. 

Dr. Zoe Durand has been closely following this research from France and the US. She set out to build an image and a brand around our technology. 

Dr. Stephane Delaunay, a serial successful entrepreneur, radiologist and brilliant mentor, recognized the massive potential of this enthusiastic team and embarked on the journey also.

A few weeks later, DeBogy Molecular was born. The story begins.